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Keen On Democracy

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May 29, 2019

Today i’m talking to Turkish born author of How To Lose A Country, Ece Temelkuran.

Ece is many things to many people: democracy activist in exile, social media personality, award winning newspaper columnist, bestselling non-fiction and fiction writer. So when we spoke about How To Lose A Country, I began by asking her to tell me who Ece Temelkuran actually is.

So who, exactly, is Ece Temelkuran? She’s everything I suggested in the introduction: Above all, she’s a cosmopolitan – as much at home in Turkey, Croatia, Australia or the United States. Thus her rejection of the parochial, cul-de-sac of identity politics. She’s really a REAL person. And her new book, a spunky, sparkling polemic against the populist cult of “real people”, is all these things too, plus more. Much more. It’s one of the first authentic responses to the siren song of anti democratic populism.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Ece, you can find out more about her here:

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