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Mar 28, 2019

So what to make of Clive Thompson's ideas about coders, his new tribe, who Clive, at least, claims are remaking the world. On one level of course. I think he's completely right.


The ideology of “the coders”,  if that's the right word to describe his new class, is one of extreme efficiency of ones and zeros and...

Mar 21, 2019

The most acclaimed new book about technology is by the distinguished Harvard Business School professor Shoshana Zuboff. It’s entitled THE AGE OF SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM: THE FIGHT FOR A HUMAN FUTURE AT THE NEW FRONTIER OF POWER. But when I sat down with Zuboff in Berkeley last week, it became increasingly clear that...

Mar 14, 2019

Today, I’m in New York City talking about the same subject. My guest is Rana Foroohar, the Financial Times columnist, CNN global economic analyst and best-selling author. Foroohar, who is coming out with a book about the tech platforms later this year entitled DON’T BE EVIL, is also one of Silicon Valley’s most...